Sequel to the shortlisted and deployment of N-power beneficiaries to their place of primary assignment (PPAs), The new guideline for its physical verification are as follows:

Date: 10th September to 24th September 2021.

Documents needed:

I. Reference identification Number

ii. Valid Means of identification

iii. Academic Credentials

Login to to know the venue for your physical verification.


Source: NPower Facebook Handle

In a statement by  Npower Verified Facebook Handle, the physical verification is to be conducted by the Local Government Inspector (LGI), National Youths Service Corps. The statement reads:

“Kindly note that physical verification exercise is conducted by NYSC Local Government Inspectors (LGIs) at the Local Government Area where selected Batch C beneficiaries are residing and where they also applied.” 

The Npower scheme also encourages those undeployed to be on alert as Batch C stream 2 will be deployed as soon as the physical verification process is successful and final.


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